We firmly believe that quality counts more than coat color, so we work very hard to produce spotted goats that have the correct conformation for production and even the show ring.

I have found that breeding simply for the spots does not allow me to keep the quality and correctness I demand from the kids I produce.

They need to be structurally sound, powerful with great muscle mass on a balanced frame..... we know what we like and will not sell inferior animals...spotted or otherwise.

Our Full blood spotted goats are from the most trusted genetics in the industry. They will not only look good...they will work good too. 

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These are just a few of the spotted goats we have produced at the

 Hartman Ranch:


HART 1 Tattoo Assassin                            Young 2013 bucklings                        

HART 1 Limited Edition                           HART 1 Special Edition

Hart 1 Kallista          

           Hart 1 Picasso's Adonis                      

Hart 1 Galaxy

Hart 1 Stardust

Hart 1 Beliza